Packing Sealer

  • Commodity name: Packing Sealer
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PackingSealer  Mainfeatures  7colorLEDtouchscreen,whichfeaturesingraphicaloperationinterferce,inbuiltclock,adjustableparameterssettingsandautomaticstorage;  Withpositive(descending)sequencecountertoco

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  Packing Sealer

  Main features

   7color LED touch screen, which features in graphical operation interferce,in built clock, adjustable parameters settings and automatic storage;

   With positive(descending)sequence counter to count sealing number with a range of 0-9999; with special functions of printing and adjusting space marks;

   Computer intelligent temperature control design, random setup of working temperature from 60-220℃ with error less than ±1%;

   When the operational temperature is 4℃ higher or lower than the setting range of temperature, the machine will stop working to insure the quality of the sealing and the security; with native OQ function.


  Technical Parameters

   Seal speed: 10±0.5 m/min

   Seal width:12mm

   Seal margin:0-35mm

   Temperature error: ≤ ±1 %

   AC power: According to customer requirements


   Max current:3.2A


   Dimension: 560×260×220mm





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