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Ultrasonic cleaners in various industrial fields
with a transmission mechanism, should be required to regularly add butter, oil and other lubricants, regular reducer gear oil replacement,
Analyze the principle of application of ultrasonic cleaner equipment power supply
Ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment is ultrasonically applied to the cleaning of the workpiece, so that attached to the workpiece on the particles, oil, etc. with the mechanical vibration of the ult
Medical sterilizer protection
The medical sterilizer has excellent sterilization performance and is clinically applied to the sterilization and sterilization of all kinds of endoscopes, endoscopes, surgical instruments,
Medical sterilizer superior performance
preventive maintenance is critical to ensuring the continued normal use of the equipment and must be highly valued to increase the service life of the equipment.
Environmental cleaning agent, the inevitable trend of future medical cleaning
At present, all countries are making every effort to develop environmentally friendly cleaning technologies in order to reduce energy consumption and prevent excessive damage to the environment.
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