Ultrasonic cleaning machine

  • Commodity name: Ultrasonic cleaning machine
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Ultrasoniccleaner  ApplicationRange  Partsofinstruments,gauges,electronicdevices  Semiconductorsiliconwafer,magneticmaterial,opticalglasses,polyesterfilter,latexmoulds,glassware  Deepcleanofpartswithc

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Product Details

  Ultrasonic cleaner

  Application Range

   Parts of instruments, gauges, electronic devices

   Semiconductor silicon wafer, magnetic material, optical glasses, polyester filter, latex moulds, glassware

   Deep clean of parts with complex geometric surfaces, especially good for removing for dirt in the deep holes, holes with one side closed and on bumpy surfaces.



  Ultrasonic cleaner is mainly composed of ultrasound signal generator, ultrasound transducer and stainless steel tank. High frequency vibratory signal

  generated by ultrasound signal generator converts into tens thousands of high frequency mechanic vibration through transducer. Then ultrasound is formed in the cleaning solution(media) and transforms alternatively with positive and negative pressure evenly. Thus a great number of tiny little bubbles are forms and ruptures from time to time, which is called cavitation effect. A momentary high pressure of 1000 times higher than atmospheric pressure is released when a bubble breaks and impact on the objects around it. Therefore, surfaces of the objects are continuously impacted to remove the dirt on them in a very fast fashion. 

  Auto-lifting 3 Frequencies Ultrasonic Cleaner

  Application Range

  Mainly applicable to batch cleaning of radioactive and polluted instruments which requires high level cleaning, such as hospital surgical knives, tweezers,

  Haemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsies, injection needle, big/small syringes, test tubes, glass sheets , dressing bowls, plates, cylinders, pressure gauges, etc. It is a highly necessary device for OT or CSSD in hospitals, scientific research institutes, labs and testing labs in pharmaceutical companies.



  8 functions in 1 tank: warm water spray cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, water blast, ultrasonic rinse, hot water blast, hot water disinfection, rust lubricant processing, and electric drying.

  Low liquid level, no liquid level display.

  Timer: 3 turn 1 or infinite loop

  Over temperature, over current display.

  LCD display the factory numbers, production date, accumulative total working time.

  With soft start, signal feedback and internal fault, output open circuit, output break alarm.

  Heating power adjustable.

  2 heating choice: electric heating, external steam heating (power saving).

  Cleaning agent / rust-inhibiting lubricant automatic filling.

  Electronic/automatic elevator door device, low noise.

  Argon welding the SUS304 material to make the four-layer cleaning mesh sieve.



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