Sterilizer Classification

Radiation sterilization equipment: medical gamma ray sterilizer.

Pressure steam sterilization equipment: pre-vacuum steam sterilizer, high-pressure steam sterilizer, automatic high-pressure steam sterilizer, vertical pressure steam sterilizer, horizontal circular pressure steam sterilizer, horizontal rectangular pressure steam sterilizer, Pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer, portable pressure steam sterilizer.

Gas sterilization equipment: ethylene oxide sterilizer, portable automatic gas sterilizer.

Dry heat sterilization equipment: dry heat sterilizer, microwave sterilization cabinet

High pressure ionization sterilization equipment: operating room with high pressure ionization sterilization equipment, ward with high pressure ionization sterilization equipment

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Sterilizer Classification

Radiation sterilization equipment: medical gamma ray sterilizer.

Working principle of medical sterilizer

thermal sterilizationThe method of thermal sterilization is to use high temperature to coagulate or denature the bacterial protein, lose the activity of the enzyme, metabolic disorders, causing bacterial death. The thermal sterilization method includes moist heat sterilization method and dry heat sterilization method. Damp heat can make the cell protein coagulation, deformation;

Basic structure of pressure steam sterilizer

The steam generated under a certain pressure has high humidity and strong penetrating power, which can quickly and effectively kill microorganisms. It is one of the main methods of instrument sterilization. It is characterized by reliable, economical, fast and good sterilization effect. The basic structure is as follows:

Pressure steam sterilizer use method

Add water into the outer cylinder, and put the sterilized articles into the inner cylinder. Close the cover of the sterilizer and tighten the screw to make it airtight. The sterilizer is heated with gas or electric stove, and the exhaust valve is opened to exhaust the cold air. Otherwise, the pressure shown on the pressure gauge is not all steam pressure, and the sterilization will be incomplete.

Environmental cleaning agent, the inevitable trend of future medical cleaning

At present, all countries are making every effort to develop environmentally friendly cleaning technologies in order to reduce energy consumption and prevent excessive damage to the environment.

Ultrasonic cleaners in various industrial fields

with a transmission mechanism, should be required to regularly add butter, oil and other lubricants, regular reducer gear oil replacement,