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Ultrasonic cleaners in various industrial fields



Ultrasonic cleaners in various industrial fields

Industry News

The fierce competition in the industry gives us more survival, relying on quality and price to survive in the market. However, all this is not just a matter of quality. Sometimes regional competition is also important. Determining the price of the ultrasonic cleaning machine also depends on the market demand.

We often use various types of cleaning equipment in our lives. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are high-efficiency cleaning equipment that will bring more convenience to people while generating value. Here's a look at its advantages.

For some mechanical parts, the surface is often uneven, and the production is particularly small and has high requirements for cleanliness: clocks and precision mechanical parts, electronic components, circuit board components, etc., can be achieved using ultrasonic cleaning machines. Very good effect. Good cleaning effect, high cleanliness and consistent cleanliness of all parts. The cleaning speed is fast and the production efficiency is improved. It is not necessary to touch the cleaning liquid with human hands. It is safe and reliable.

Ultrasonic cleaners are widely used in many fields such as pharmaceuticals, optics, machinery, chemical engineering, scientific experiments, hard alloys, molds, food, aviation, ships, petroleum, antisepsis, boilers and pressure vessels. Under the influence of the market economy, with its stable quality and perfect after-sales service, it has established a friendly relationship with users and won the trust of customers.

Determine the price of the ultrasonic cleaning machine sometimes depends on the specific equipment model, such as a single-slot or multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine? Is a semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine or an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine? There is a use based on the ultrasonic cleaning machine And cleaning the object to see. In this way, the price of ultrasonic cleaning machines can be more scientifically positioned.

After years of development in the market, the cost of manufacturing has also been rising. The cost of the factory has been increasing at a multiplicative rate. The continuous increase in the price of raw materials has also brought a burden to a number of factories. These dual internal factors are driving The high price of ultrasonic cleaning machines, in general, the current profits of ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers continue to narrow, there will be a lot of small ultrasonic cleaning machine prices have begun to be closed down due to this round of inflation, but the market demand for ultrasonic cleaning machines And did not receive the economic slowdown to reduce orders from the demand market ultrasonic cleaners.

  1. Maintaining the ventilation, drying, and cleanliness of the workplace of the ultrasonic equipment is conducive to the long-term efficient operation of the equipment and optimizing the working environment conditions;

  2. When the ultrasonic cleaning liquid is too dirty, it should be treated in time, clean the dirt in the cleaning tank and the tank regularly, keep the ultrasonic cleaning tank clean inside, and improve the durability of the cleaning tank;

  3, ultrasonic electric control box and equipment vents away from water vapor, corrosive gases, dust, regular use of compressed air to clean up the attached dust;

  4. Regularly test the insulation performance of the ultrasonic equipment, check the easy-aging electrical components regularly, check the grounding wire, and ensure that the equipment is well grounded. This item must be performed by an electrician with professional experience;

  5. Regularly test the power supply, confirm that it meets the power supply voltage requirements of the equipment, and avoid long-term work under an unstable power source that is too high or too low;

  6. Equipment with filter device, regular replacement of filter element;

  7, with a transmission mechanism, should be required to regularly add butter, oil and other lubricants, regular reducer gear oil replacement, to ensure that the moving parts under good lubrication conditions; ultrasonic failure and abnormal.