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Medical sterilizer protection



Medical sterilizer protection

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The medical sterilizer is a device for sterilization and sterilization of medical equipment. The device can completely kill microorganisms, viruses, etc., has the characteristics of low disinfection cost, safety and reliability, and small damage to the instrument. It is easy to operate by automatic microcomputer detection, automation and standardization of the sterilization process,

automatic printing results after sterilization. The sterilized instrument has no chemical residues and no additional flushing is needed to reduce the workload of personnel assigned to it. The entire process is sealed and sterilized. The waste fluid is harmless and does not pollute the air and the environment. Ensure the health of medical staff.

The medical sterilizer has excellent sterilization performance and is clinically applied to the sterilization and sterilization of all kinds of endoscopes, endoscopes, surgical instruments, dental instruments and other medical devices. As the size of the hospital continues to expand and the frequency of use of medical sterilizers continues to increase, preventive maintenance is critical to ensuring the continued normal use of the equipment and must be highly valued to increase the service life of the equipment.